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To Andrew Jackson, President of the United States

The petition of the undersigned Chiefs & headmen of the Chippewa & Ottawa Nations, residing in the vicinity of Michilimackinac, respectfully represents. That by the treaty of Granvill (sic) of the 3rd of August 1795, they gave as a gratuity to the United States, over & above the other grants recited in that Treaty the island of Bois Blanc, situated in Lake Huron near the post of Mackinac. This island is twelve miles in extent and is a valuable repository of wood. The petitioners respectfully ask, that a compensation may now be made to them for it stating as a reason their impoverished condition and they suggest for your consideration, that the blacksmith shop at the agency of Mackinac, which they have been notified by the Agent, it is your order to close, on the 31st December next, may be continued open, for the benefit of themselves & their children resorting to that Agency, in lieu of the grant mentioned. Submitting this petition to your clemency, as the great chief of twenty four Fires, we remain in friendship to your government.

Your dutiful children,

Chief of the Chenos: Chabowawa
Chief of Oak Point: Ainse
Chief of St. Martins: Saganosh
Chief of Ft. St. Ignace:
  • Akukojeesh
  • Chibyawbos
  • Miss satigo
    Chief of St. Marys:
  • Wayishkee
  • Chegud
  • Osawatonace
  • Shingabawossin
    Chief of Mackinac: Chusco

    Chief of Cheboygan: Chingasano

    Branch of Cheboygan:
  • Nemoceyce
  • Miss in us cotawa
    Chief of St. Croix:
  • Nodin
  • Wiawenid
    Chief of Eporwetts:
  • Penais Equzhig
  • Tibbus Equzhig
    Chiefs of Upper and Lower L’arbre Croche L. M.:
  • +Nishcadjinins
  • +Paukoazzegun
  • +Pabaumitable
  • + Mukkudday Penaise

Chiefs of L Arbre Croche Lake Mic.
  • +Che mo koman
  • +Kemjnewn
  • +Ning wee gun
  • Nau ish kinabi
  • Waishkee
  • Keenees
    Chiefs of Lake Michigan:
  • Deemootawa
  • Wa bigcezhig
  • Sessinkeengwa
  • +Namush coda
  • +Nissowankwat
  • +Edoshcosh
  • +Sagetamoowee
    Chiefs of Little Traverse Bay L. M.:
  • +Paimossiga
  • +Keminejahgun
  • +Paimaunkinung
  • +Pagancakinung
  • +Aputto

+ Thus marked are signed for by Pabawtatri. including his own.

I certify under the seal that marks to the above signatures were all affixed in my presence. Michilimackinac 15th 1835.

H. R. Schoolcraft I.A.

Letter accompanying above is dated Oct. 15th 1834.(sic)

SOURCE: National Archives Microfilm Publications RG 75 M 268P
Records of the Michigan Superintendency of Indian Affairs. 1814-1851
Roll 69 Page 77
Letters Sent by the Agent at Mackinac
May 31, 1833-July 1, 1836
Agent Henry R. Schoolcraft while stationed at Mackinac

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