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1836 Remittance By Whiting

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Statement of remittances made to Major H. Whiting Military Disbursing Agent etc. for the current expenses of the Agencies, and for Treaty Stipulations to the tribes, within the Superintendancy of Michigan for the 3rd & 4th quarters of 1836.

Agents Tribes Treaties
H. R. Schoolcraft Chippewa blank
George Boyd Menomonee 5 July 1831
H. Conner Chippewa Act 13 May 1820

Off. Sault Ste. Marie

SOURCE: National Archives Microfilm Publications RG 75 M 268P
Records of the Michigan Superintendency of Indian Affairs.
Roll 41 page 209
Letter Received 1836-1851
Vol. 1 July – December 1836
Henry Schoolcraft 1836-1841

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