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Benefits of Creating An Account

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Creating Your Own Account

Benefits of creating an account:

  1. You can specify in your account that you want to be notified when new pages go up on this site.
  2. If you find an ancestor leave a comment using the Discuss link at the top of that page and ask other researchers looking at the same ancestor to contact you.
  3. Other site members can contact you privately through this site, because your e-mail address is not revealed.
  4. Announce events your group or society is hosting for researchers in our Workshops pages.
  5. You can create a page and put up a family outline of your ancestor from the software you use to hold your family data. Just make sure you protect the living in these files by taking out dates/places on them.
  6. Help other researchers. Found some data while researching that others might be interested in? You can post them in a page on this site. Just type it up and copy and paste into the editor under the Create a New Page link. Use the buttons at the top of the editor to make your data look like you want it to, or ask for help to do this.

Create An Account

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