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Holy Childhood of Jesus School Students 1829

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This Roman Catholic school was located at L'Arbre Croche or Middle Village in Emmet County, Michigan

The school opened on August 23, 1829. Father Dejean brought with him a Frenchman, Joseph L'Etorneau, as school teacher. Within a month there were thirty eight scholars, of whom eighteen were girls. Twenty five children boarded at the school, their parents bringing them some potatoes and corn, and the missionary giving them some -blank- and salt. The larger boys were taught to clear the land and to garden, the girls were taught to cook for the scholars and to keep house. (Life of Baraga. p. 62)

The following is a list of students enrolled in 1829.


KIONEKOMMichael161829 August 23
PEMINIKENENGCatherine131829 August 23
SAONIMIKIJohn Baptiste131829 August 23
PEMINIKENENGSusana101829 August 23
KISSONBEEsther101829 August 23
WASSONFrancis61829 August 27
BEMASSIGEAlexander141829 August 30
BEMASSIGEMarie101829 August 30
BEMASSIGEFrancis111829 August 30
TOKOGANELouis121829 August 30
WASSONPaul91829 August 30
TOKOGANEPeter91829 August 30
ANIMIKONAMPaul121829 August 30
PISHAKENSJoseph151829 August 30
ESKONATCHONAKCaroline121829 August 30
KAIASKElizabeth111829 August 30
KAIASKSophie81829 August 30
PINDANAMMarie Louisa111829 August 30
KIONEKANJoseph141829 September 12
ONABONSHIKSamuel151829 September 12
ONIATCHEJoseph151829 September 29
WETCHESJoseph121829 October 1
MELAIHenriette71829 October 2
KIONEKAMJohn Baptiste121829 October 2
MAKATEBINESSIAmalie81829 December 26

Day Scholars

MORTAGONAJoseph101829 August 23
ONAKONETAAlphons101829 August 23
ATSOKINAKFrancis41829 August 23
MARTAGONAPaulina121829 August 23
MORTAGONAMaria151829 August 23
PEPOMATCHIJoseph121829 August 26
MACOMBERose121829 August 29
KIKEGABONEMichael161829 August 29
PINDANONONJoseph Baptiste101829 October 4
KIONEKONETONoel141829 October 5
KINAWABEJoseph131829 October 5
EKOTCHAWETherese121829 November 1
KIONONONJoseph121829 November 1
PINDANONONIgnatius131829 November 1
MOSONOKONIDaniel111829 November 8
MOSONOKONIJohn Baptiste81829 November 8
KIONONONDaniel121829 November 8
PEMININKENENKJoseph71829 November 8
RIDJohn121829 November 29
KERGFrancis131829 December 1
SHOMINVincent131829 December 4
MORTAGONVincent41829 December 4
SAKINTONDAWISusanna131829 December 15
WASSONMarie51829 December 15
TAKOGENECatherine51829 December 15
WABONTACHICKAngelica131829 December 15
MITCHOLLesette51829 December 15
ASSAGONHelen51829 December 15
KIONEKONPauline81829 December 15
OKENETOSSONGSophie101829 December 17
OKONETOSSONYIsabella91829 December 18
KERGIgnatius41829 December 18
OKOBONTCHIGVincent61829 December 18
KEKOWTASSOJoseph121829 December 18
OSSUNGNESOJoseph51829 December 18
ASSIONEMarie Anna41829 December 18
MAKATEBINESSIJames131829 December 18
SHOMINSophie81829 December 21

Source: Centennial of the Holy Childhood of Jesus Church and School - Harbor Springs, Michigan 1829-1929

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