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Mt. Pleasant Indian School Graduates 1923

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Isabella County Enterprise
Mt. Pleasant Michigan
Friday June 8, 1923


Twenty-two To Finish Government School Instruction

The Mt. Pleasant Indian School held its graduating exercises in the school chapel Thursday evening, June 8, at 7:30.

Those graduating were Edna Kendall, Hazel Nori, Clara Winchester, Cecelia Anderson, Ruth Ermatinger, Dena Nahdee, Margaret Petoskey, Eseher Kewayseshik, Cecelia Warren, Elizabeth Gauthier, Winifred Sawalk, Christian Sawalk, Lauretta Teeple, George Shields, Frank Roy, John Barbano, Howard Ganoung, Francis Wesaw, Edward Winchester, George Gathier, Jonas Shawanesse and Arthur Thompson.

The following short program preceded the distribution of diplomas:

Song of Welcome – Graduation Class
Invocation- Col. C. W. Campbell
Salutatory – Esther Kewaygeshik
With Heart Of Hope, Solo – Clara Winchester
Things To Remember – Arthur Thompson
Santa Lucia - Graduating Class
Graduation Address – Supt. G. E. Ganiard of Mt. Pleasant Public Schools
The Night Wind Song – Girls of Graduating Class
Valedictory – Howard Ganoung
Baritone Solo – George Gauthier
A Merry Life song – Graduating Class.
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